Daily Question #4


I prefer indoors. Mostly I workout at home because I’m too lazy to travel – okay, not exactly lazy, I just like being time-effective (I have two jobs, so if I don’t want to go crazy, I MUST be time-effective). I hardly have long enough breaks for both travelling and doing a proper workout so I choose the workout and a pleasant shower at home. I have dumbbells, a kettlebell, bands, stability and Pilates balls, a Pilates ring and a Rip60 at home, and these are totally enough for me. I like working out at home. On the very plus size, when I’m tired or don’t feel like working out at all, I can listen to whatever music I want or watch (okay, maybe it’s just listening) TV series while doing the hard work.

However, from time to time I feel the desire to check others’ group classes so I visit some (mostly TRX, Pilates or spinal dance) and we often test new gyms in the neighbourhood just to complain about the insufficient number of squat racks :P

And what about you? where do you do your workouts?

The Aphrodite project

So, this is the period of finals here, and my roommate had a quite cruel exam period this time so he was always saying he would go back to shape right after his exams. He was saying this so seriously, promised to go back to the gym and will be on a diet again and he would look good so I started to say he would turn himself into Adonis and make himself irresistible. This wasn’t the best half-year for me either, considering diet and workouts (I had a serious tooth problem, rewarded with periostitis, some stomach problems because of the medicine I got, too much work, too much stress, etc) so I also put on some weight and unfortunately lost muscle mass. I started to workout a month ago, I followed Melissa Bender’s 12-week program, but I still didn’t pay attention to my diet (shameful for a holistic nutritionist wannabe and active weight loss nutritionist, isn’t it? :P). My weight or look hasn’t changed, but at least I feel much better. But I bought a beautiful summer dress that would look much better if I lost a few centimeters that would be put on my arms but in the form of lean muscles.


So, I decided to join him with the Adonis project, hence, I choose the girlish Aphrodite project name. The first part of the project will be to make my roommate not to hate his body. Earlier I thought only women hate their  bodies but in the past few years I have worked with men on their weight loss and had to realize they can hate themselves even more than women.

I have different steps in the Greek project (Adonis/Aphrodite project) for us, all is equally important to fulfill:

1. Love our body

2. Start the most suitable workout program for us (I always enjoy writing workout plans for others, it’s always very exciting how their body will react)

3. Follow a personalized diet (Tricky, more time-consuming with the long questionnaires, but it’s worth it)

4. Be a master of stress relief (mission impossible?)

5. Be happy, enjoy summer, spend time with friends and hobbies

A month ago I wrote that I will follow the whole 12-week program with Melissa Bender. But as usual, I have excuses. I AM the queen of excuses ;) I enjoyed the exercises very much and I definitely will incorporate these videos in my workout plan but honestly, I hardly can build muscles and I need weight training to see better results. So, I decided to mix my own workout plan with Melissa’s videos. Twice a week, I will do my old-school dumbbell-kettlebell trainings, I will count in my two Pilates classes as workout since they are advanced and on the remaining days I will follow Melissa’s (mostly) bodyweight workouts. This will be the best for me. I know my body, this is what makes visible results, however, I’m glad I did this month with Melissa’s workouts because I started to enjoy following workout videos again. Earlier I trained a lot at home, following videos but when I started to have many fitness classes, I always skipped them and I got used to avoiding them. But now I enjoy them again, which is a huge relief because it’s often enjoyable to take part in other professional trainers’ classes. If not IRL, at least online.

Wanna join? Do you need any changes in your life? In your diet or workouts or… well, perhaps in the time you devote to yourself?

WOW – Workouts of the Week

I think I need some organising on my blog before it gets totally messed up and jumbled. It would be better to document my workouts only once a week. I guess. So, here’s what I did this week.

Monday – MB’s day 10 + biceps, triceps

This video was quite quick – as the title promised – and Monday I have 2 free hours for workout and shower and being happy so I wanted to do something extra. As a bonus, I had a biceps and triceps series just for fun.

Tuesday – REST DAY – I should have done 30 mins of cardio, but I skipped it. I worked late and I had a class, too, so there was some kind of exercises, I wasn’t just cheating on the plan.

Wednesday – it should have been a rest day, but I had classes, 60 minutes of intermediate Pilates then a 90 minute long advanced (aka super hardcore) Pilates. And we followed the example of hot yoga because the AC didn’t work so we did hot Pilates ;)

Thursday – I supposed to have 30 mins of cardio, but I skipped again. Okay, replaced by an earlier video, the Full Body Shaping workout. I did 3 rounds with 20 reps.

Friday – MB’s Fitness Transformation Workout 3 – it was quite easy for me so I did some extra lower body exercises. The whole workout took about an hour.

Saturday – According to the workout plan, I should have done 3 rounds of a HIIT workout and run 2 miles, but I hate running and we have a heatwave here, so I didn’t feel like going out at all. I started with Pumps&Iron’s Lower body Superset workout then I did two rounds of HIIT with Melissa.


The workout was 24 + 30 minutes long but with a nice long warm-up and massive stretch it took me about 80 minutes to finish. And I enjoyed every minute of it <3

Update: I have sore muscles in my butt today. I will survive, but it was a long time ago when I had sore muscles for the last time.

Sunday – I should have had a workout today, but I needed a rest day, I didn’t really feel like working out so I skipped it, I will do this tomorrow.

This week was very good, I did awesome workouts, I felt very good during and especially after the workouts. So, I can say, this week was a good-workout week :) I think, next week will be different because I will have a lot of extra work, but we’ll see, we’ll see…

And how was your workout this week? What was the best and what was the worst workout-related thing this week?

Five Faves on Friday

I would like to say it was the best week of my life, but it wasn’t. The first two weeks of the months are always very busy for me so I’m tired, as usual, but luckily, to make me happy, I could easily find things to love :)

1. My beautician is baaaaack :)

I lived in the suburbs for many years and found the world’s best beautician there, but I didn’t have time to visit her after I moved to the city centre. But now I’m sooo happy because she starts a new place not very far from me (only about 25-30 mins). It is literally the best news of the week.

2. Text after a good class

On Wednesday I had a class, where only a few people could attend but instead of this (or exactly because of this) the whole class was very good, it was fun and everything we need on a class. And it was definitely a hard workout. After the class, I got a text from one of the girls where she wrote excitedly how much she enjoyed the class. I love these texts!

3. honey

I don’t know why, but this week I became a huge fan of honey. I haven’t eaten honey for a while because I’m on a sugar-free diet and I rarely eat honey. But this week I had strong cravings for honey, so I put some on my food. These were perfect foods :)


The photo is an old one – we have this nice package for honey, I don’t know why, perhaps to make kids love honey… I don’t know. This is not the best quality but looks fun. Luckily, I got some very good organic honey from my mom. Mom is the best.

4. Rochelle

I found a new homepage that I really liked. You should check Rochelle’s page, too. She is totally for women’s and kids’ health!


5. AC is on

Quite a big heatwave started on Monday, we tried and tried, but finally we gave up and fought our laziness and cleaned the AC in the living room. Well, the workout in a room that is not sauna is much-much better. I love the inventor of AC! I rarely switch it on because I have headache and other problems with it, so usually I just switch it on for a few minutes while I’m in another room, then I do my workout in the not-that-hot room. Sometimes I feel, AC is a life-saving invention. At least, it is a workout saver because I don’t think I could have done my workout in my sauna room yesterday ;)

These were my favourite things this week, what were yours?

Day 8-9 – having fun again – Sunday mornings are good

I made some changes in the workout this weekend because I was working on Saturday until late in the evening so I was very happy when I realized that Sunday supposed to be a rest day. This way I didn’t have to start working out when I was already very tired but changed the day. Saturday was my rest day and Sunday is my free day, so I had time for anything. I got up, had a nice breakfast, checked the whole internet for interesting stuff then I started the workout.

I did 1 round together with the video plus 1 other rounds with 20-20 reps each. It was fun.

In the second video I worked with weights too, but only the first round was with bigger weights than usual. The second and third round was with my usual weights because I was quite tired. I’m trying to improve my strength so I’m satisfied that I did a whole round with bigger-than-usual weights.

However, I didn’t do good morings, I hate that exercise, it’s not good for the back, instead I did overhead squat with extra little weights.

The whole session, together with warm-up and cool-down, took me more than 70 minutes but I had fun all the way from beginning to the end. I can’t find words how much I enjoy following someone else’s workout now :) I like writing workouts for others and I do quite many but I always postpone writing my own workout plans. It’s much more entertaining for me – anyway… dentist don’t do their own teet, do they? ;)

Day 7 – workout done, food done, happiness

I like Fridays because this is my free morning. I don’t have any work until noon. This is the time for me. This is the time that I wait for during the whole week, when I can sleep (relatively) late, have breakfast while sitting on the couch, do my workout without compromises, prepare my lunch without a hurry and feel good at home. I don’t even care that sometimes I finish my classes at half past nine in the evening on Fridays because I have a free morning which makes me happy.

Today was the seventh day of the 12 workout plan, but I cheated. Not in a bad way, I guess… Because of my many classes on Wednesday I skipped the original suggestions. However, the workouts seemed nice. So, I decided to do at least one of them today.

I did 3 rounds of this workout with rep 20:

Then I completed it with one round of today’s original workout.

Both had some upper body and core focus so as a rest I added 1 minute of squats in between all rounds. 4 minutes of squats is not much, but it felt good to do this way.

There was this very nice exercise, here, it was called cheek to cheek plank, other places I saw it as hip-dip plank but somebody called it “rainbow plank” (like drawing a rainbow in the air with the butt) and ever since I have used this name. It’s sooo cute. My clients don’t always agree with me on this  because this cute name encouraged me to put this exercise into my classes most often. But I don’t care, I like the exercise and the name.

After the workout, I refreshed myself with a shower and started preparing my lunch and as a total guilty pleasure I had my lunch while watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars. This is an absolutely new series for me, I couldn’t decide if I like it or not but today it was awesome not to be in a rush so I enjoyed every minute of it.

First in a while, I don’t have any extra class in the evening, so it is high time to meet friends. This is a good Friday for me. How does your Friday look like?

6th day – I’m a hero, I did my workout in the middle of the day

Today has been a great day. Okay, okay, not really, not the best but started okay. And it was more than okay, when I realised I could fix my workout in my schedule. I did the 6th day of Melissa’s Bikini Contest workout plank which was a full lower body workout. And a few minutes ago I had to get up from the couch and realised I can feel my thighs. I’m sooo excited what I will feel tomorrow (not).

During the workout I didn’t feel anything special, mainly because I had to modify the two most difficult and exhausting exercises and although not dying during the workout I definitely can feel my muscles now. I skipped the side jump squat and did side lunge with front raise instead, and I modified the lunge jumps, too, I did reverse lunges. I always try to avoid high impact exercises but now I was more determined to avoid them because I have my period and I’m oversensitive in my pelvic floor area these days. Anyway, I did 3 rounds with 20-20 reps, I added medium weights to the modified exercises, then I did some bicep and tricep exercises and finished in about 45 minutes. It was a good workout, I enjoyed it.