What I ate on a day of the heatwave

When I started… no, even before I started this blog, I decided to document my meals, take photos and write everything done to see how I change through my studies. But I have to admit, I’m not very good at taking photos. I just simply forget about it. So, without photos, here’s what I ate on a day when the weather was much hotter than should have been. Without photos. Maybe next time…

breakfast: oatmeal with almond, cashew and frozen raspberry

mid-morning snack: apple chips+ strawberry (real, not frozen)

post-workout: hemp seed protein powder

lunch: fish with grilled vegetables (I didn’t have enough veggies at home so I had frozen vegetable mix with zucchini, tomato, onions, carrot and mushroom) and I had two squares of dark chocolate (I’m chocolate addict, we will talk about that later ;) )

mid-afternoon snack: chia pudding (waiting time is killing me so I usually put the chia into the milk – rice milk this time –  right after lunch and keep it in the fridge) + raspberry and goji berry

dinner: home-made mini rolls (they are not real rolls, but it’s easier to slice this way) – oatmeal, brown rice powder, sesame and flax seeds mixed with some coconut oil and psyllium husk + tomato, cucumber and radish

homemade rolls

late-night snack: almonds and a smoothie (frozen cherry + banana + coconut milk)


I don’t usually have smoothies or fruits late at night, but it was so hot here that I needed something cold. This smoothie made everything much better.

This is what I ate on a hot day. What do you usually eat on days like this? Do you have cooling foods?