Daily question #2


Okay, I have to admit, this question shouldn’t have been asked this soon, it was on quite the end of the list but I had a huge source of stress last week. I couldn’t use my computer for a day, It just showed me the blue death then after some healing attempt the black emptiness on the screen, I panicked. I panicked that I would lose every data, some photos and all. Honestly, I sometimes forget to backup my files, I save them from time to time and I have most of my stuff online but… but not everything. Luckily, nothing was lost, everything is perfect but I was worried. Really.

So when I realised how difficult it can be to survived without my computer, theĀ first thing to do was working outout. So, I think, the best stress reliever is the workout for me. When I’m stressed I immediately need some high-intensity workout, mostly full of planks and pushups. I don’t know why, but pushups are my best friends and not the diamonds.
When I’m in constant stress I also need some body&mind training, mostly Pilates or yoga.

Not only workouts but expressing my thoughts, my feelings, my problems can help. Sometimes I just write them down on my closed blog or talk to a friend. Or when the problem is bigger, to a professional.

So, what’s your favourite stress reliever?