WOW – Workouts of the Week

I think I need some organising on my blog before it gets totally messed up and jumbled. It would be better to document my workouts only once a week. I guess. So, here’s what I did this week.

Monday – MB’s day 10 + biceps, triceps

This video was quite quick – as the title promised – and Monday I have 2 free hours for workout and shower and being happy so I wanted to do something extra. As a bonus, I had a biceps and triceps series just for fun.

Tuesday – REST DAY – I should have done 30 mins of cardio, but I skipped it. I worked late and I had a class, too, so there was some kind of exercises, I wasn’t just cheating on the plan.

Wednesday – it should have been a rest day, but I had classes, 60 minutes of intermediate Pilates then a 90 minute long advanced (aka super hardcore) Pilates. And we followed the example of hot yoga because the AC didn’t work so we did hot Pilates ;)

Thursday – I supposed to have 30 mins of cardio, but I skipped again. Okay, replaced by an earlier video, the Full Body Shaping workout. I did 3 rounds with 20 reps.

Friday – MB’s Fitness Transformation Workout 3 – it was quite easy for me so I did some extra lower body exercises. The whole workout took about an hour.

Saturday – According to the workout plan, I should have done 3 rounds of a HIIT workout and run 2 miles, but I hate running and we have a heatwave here, so I didn’t feel like going out at all. I started with Pumps&Iron’s Lower body Superset workout then I did two rounds of HIIT with Melissa.


The workout was 24 + 30 minutes long but with a nice long warm-up and massive stretch it took me about 80 minutes to finish. And I enjoyed every minute of it <3

Update: I have sore muscles in my butt today. I will survive, but it was a long time ago when I had sore muscles for the last time.

Sunday – I should have had a workout today, but I needed a rest day, I didn’t really feel like working out so I skipped it, I will do this tomorrow.

This week was very good, I did awesome workouts, I felt very good during and especially after the workouts. So, I can say, this week was a good-workout week :) I think, next week will be different because I will have a lot of extra work, but we’ll see, we’ll see…

And how was your workout this week? What was the best and what was the worst workout-related thing this week?