The Aphrodite project

So, this is the period of finals here, and my roommate had a quite cruel exam period this time so he was always saying he would go back to shape right after his exams. He was saying this so seriously, promised to go back to the gym and will be on a diet again and he would look good so I started to say he would turn himself into Adonis and make himself irresistible. This wasn’t the best half-year for me either, considering diet and workouts (I had a serious tooth problem, rewarded with periostitis, some stomach problems because of the medicine I got, too much work, too much stress, etc) so I also put on some weight and unfortunately lost muscle mass. I started to workout a month ago, I followed Melissa Bender’s 12-week program, but I still didn’t pay attention to my diet (shameful for a holistic nutritionist wannabe and active weight loss nutritionist, isn’t it? :P). My weight or look hasn’t changed, but at least I feel much better. But I bought a beautiful summer dress that would look much better if I lost a few centimeters that would be put on my arms but in the form of lean muscles.


So, I decided to join him with the Adonis project, hence, I choose the girlish Aphrodite project name. The first part of the project will be to make my roommate not to hate his body. Earlier I thought only women hate their  bodies but in the past few years I have worked with men on their weight loss and had to realize they can hate themselves even more than women.

I have different steps in the Greek project (Adonis/Aphrodite project) for us, all is equally important to fulfill:

1. Love our body

2. Start the most suitable workout program for us (I always enjoy writing workout plans for others, it’s always very exciting how their body will react)

3. Follow a personalized diet (Tricky, more time-consuming with the long questionnaires, but it’s worth it)

4. Be a master of stress relief (mission impossible?)

5. Be happy, enjoy summer, spend time with friends and hobbies

A month ago I wrote that I will follow the whole 12-week program with Melissa Bender. But as usual, I have excuses. I AM the queen of excuses ;) I enjoyed the exercises very much and I definitely will incorporate these videos in my workout plan but honestly, I hardly can build muscles and I need weight training to see better results. So, I decided to mix my own workout plan with Melissa’s videos. Twice a week, I will do my old-school dumbbell-kettlebell trainings, I will count in my two Pilates classes as workout since they are advanced and on the remaining days I will follow Melissa’s (mostly) bodyweight workouts. This will be the best for me. I know my body, this is what makes visible results, however, I’m glad I did this month with Melissa’s workouts because I started to enjoy following workout videos again. Earlier I trained a lot at home, following videos but when I started to have many fitness classes, I always skipped them and I got used to avoiding them. But now I enjoy them again, which is a huge relief because it’s often enjoyable to take part in other professional trainers’ classes. If not IRL, at least online.

Wanna join? Do you need any changes in your life? In your diet or workouts or… well, perhaps in the time you devote to yourself?

My road to be a holistic nutritionist

step1: have good parents who find healthy eating important

step2: not to be a rebel and follow the rules of healthy eating and learn to cure illnesses by herbs and concentrate on prevention and take vitamins, do exercises, be happy

step3: have a stressful period (university, relationship problems, taking care of sick relative, no rest, nothing)

step4: be diagnosed with insulinresistence. freak out. going back to the origins

step5: read a lot about special diet and concentrate on healthy eating again

step6: more stress and be diagnosed with fibroids. freak out. trying to concentrate on alternative therapies (special exercises, herbs, Bach flower remedies, meditation)

step7: change carreer – at least start working on it: become a fitness trainer (2011 was a good year, it changed a lot in my life), Pilates instructor (several different but somehow similar courses to help cure back pain, courses about prenatal fitness, postnatal rehabilitation, everything in consideration of healthy spine)

step8: learn about healthy eating on fitness related courses and read as many books as possible

step9: start teaching Aviva method (I’ll write about it later) and learn a different approach of dieting, meet many women with cycle related problems, PMS, PCOS, fibroids, preparing for IVF and stuff… want to help them and read even more

step10: realise that my path is to help people with not only proper workout and special exercises but personalized “healing” diet, too

step11: save money for the desired courses :D

step12: start a blog to help pass time :D

And here I am now. I want to start my courses as soon as I can but I have to save some money. Until then I will read as many books as I can (recommendations are welcome), visit workshops on dieting (I’m very curious about the ayurvedic approach, for example) and learn wherever I can.

I will experiment with my cooking, too. This is my weakest point, I often cook the same foods because I’m always happy when I’m succesful with a food and hate making mistakes and being out of ingredients at home. So this is part of my plan: I will try to cook in a higher variety and take risk with experimenting with more recipes.

I have some nice cookbooks (and my stupid obsession is to collect more and more cookbooks, even if I don’t use the recipes – I LOVE the pictures and the smell of the book), I want to try many recipes.

So, this is the present. Just desires and being forced to wait.

I’d like to take part in two courses, one is for getting the certification Holistic Nutritionist and the other is titled “Healing Diets”. Both would make me happy. Okay, now, winning a lottery would make me the happiest because I wouldn’t have to wait a day ;)