My story, round 2 – Pilates & Spinal dance

Right after I started my fitness course I knew that I would like to specialize in prevention, because as I had a desk-job-past myself, I knew how important it is to strengthen our muscles that are needed for good posture and for spinal health. My other dream was to provide beginner classes just because – at least in my environment – there weren’t any classes that were suitable for beginners, especially nothing for the overweight. I found it unfair that magazines were full of encouragement or rather pressure that we should exercise, we should diet, we definitely should lose weight, however no help (okay, I’m exaggarating, but not much) was provided for anyone without experience in exercises and/or being overweight. The classes were just too hard, too advanced. And it often happened that someone tried one or two classes but didn’t have any succes, nothing encouraging just felt as an outsider. I saw yoga classes, some intermediate or advanced Pilates classes, aerobics, dance classes, hardcore strenght training classes, but nothing for the beginners who just wanted to move “something”.

I also found it important to prevent pain and illnesses caused by  too much sitting.

I connected the two because I believe people who don’t exercise and/or overweight are especially endangered with lower-back, upper-back and hip pain. I took part in a course that thaught me how to deal with postural problems, how to strengthen muscles and be able to modify almost any kind of exercises if needed. I really enjoyed this course.

IMG_20150523_180545I started having classes and it was the best thing on Earth when I heard stories how backpain disappeared, how they were praised for having better posture, how they felt taller and healthier.

After a while I wanted to gain even more knowledge and Pilates seemed a good idea (especially because I saw the positive effects of it on my brother plus a good friend was a Pilates instructor herself and she always talked about her clients and the miracles Pilates proved to exist). Pilates – at least in my school – was totally about the health of the spine, the joints, about easing back pain, preventing pain in the joints. I loved it. I learnt even more exercises and ways to modify them for older people, pregnant women, people with injuries. I fell in love with the knowledge I got there and my feelings get even stronger when I saw the effects of specialised sets of exercises on my clients.

In addition, when I started to have my classes, they were open for everyone (not only in personal training), so older people and preggos both started to visit them. I enjoyed the challenges they gave me but I also felt a bit pushed to learn even more about the human anatomy and special cases. So I took part in courses like Prenatal Pilates and Spinal Dance during Pregnancy. I started to teach clases solely for pregnant women. I enjoyed this even more.

At this point – around 2012 – I had classes like Spinal Dance, Pilates, Prenatal Workout, Senior Spinal Dance and FitMama training (classes for young moms who wanted to get back in shape) and in personal training I had clients who needed my help in losing weight – we trained together and they got some nutrition advice and most importantly a continual support – because real changes take time and support.

The more I learnt about workouts (theory and specialised exercises, too), the more I enjoyed my job and the more satisfied my clients were. They nourished me with their succes. With our succes :)

Why I love Pilates

Nothing special, it’s just addictive and makes everything better ;)

I remember, I didn’t want to do Pilates when I first read about it. I found it boring and only for old ladies. How wrong I was! However, the first class I (literrally hardly) survived was terrible. The instructor was very untalented and the class was not only extremely boring but – as later I learnt – not real Pilates. This was the time when I made a strict decision I would never again take part in a class like this. Ever. Then my brother had some problem with his spine and he was suggested to do Pilates (and at the same time I became friends with a Pilates instructor, which helped a lot, too, I guess…) so I went to the class with him. And on that class I totally changed my mind. It was super, it was exciting, I had to concentrate on so many things during the movements that I couldn’t think about anything, I couldn’t do my “to do list” in my head, couldn’t think about the day’s happenings. It was just my body and the voice of the instructor.

pilatesI enjoyed it very much.

Yes, I started to visit Pilates classes.

And what now? I’m a Pilates instructor. Quite funny, I think… A few years after my bad experience I became an instructor myself. I have been teaching Pilates for 3 years. Time goes by fast…

Today I had my class after a week-off. My group was very happy to get me back again and said they really missed my class. As they say, they never feel any back pain when they visit my classes. They always say they feel taller and with better posture. They are always happy to surprise themselves with somee extra sweets after the class without feeling guilty (okay, at this point I don’t totally agree with them :P). And they always make me happy when they share their feelings <3

And today I was very tired when I arrived to the class but they welcomed me with soooo many smiles and huge enthusiasm that my tiredness flew away. I was very proud of them we always step out of their comfort zone and do more and more exercises, some of them are totally advanced ones and it doesn’t matter whether they are 30 or 70, they can enjoy the class. I love them. I love Pilates because with its creative modifications they can be suitable for everybody. I love the diversity of my classes. I love getting to know people from so differenct background, professions, generations or with totally different fitness past.

I just simply love it.

My best decision was studying Pilates <3 Okay, at least one of my best decisions (because I have other classes that I’m in love with).