Millet with cottage cheese

I rarely eat dairy products but when I eat it is usually cottage cheese or cheese on my pasta. This is a very quick mid-afternoon snack for days when I want to eat something sweet.

cottage cheese and millet

best served in chipped plates (not)

Ingredients for one:

20 g millet

80 g cottage cheese

10 g natural sweetener (I usually use erythritol)

40 g raspberry

162 kcal, 19 ch, 3 g fat, 13 g protein, 4 g fiber

(I usually don’t count calories but I sent this “recipe” to a blog where the owner counts the calories and carbohydrates)

I cooked the millet in water, added some cinnamon. We supposed to use half times more water than the millet itself, but I like using two-part liquid because if we can wait 30-60 minutes before eating, cottage cheese and millet gets extra tasty together this way. Anyway, millet is cooked, there’s no more job here, just mixing it with the cottage cheese and the sweetener and wait a bit. Or not. Sometimes I add some vanilla, too. It is delicious with raspberry, strawberry and especially with mulberry. My favourite <3