WOW – Workouts of the Week

I think I need some organising on my blog before it gets totally messed up and jumbled. It would be better to document my workouts only once a week. I guess. So, here’s what I did this week.

Monday – MB’s day 10 + biceps, triceps

This video was quite quick – as the title promised – and Monday I have 2 free hours for workout and shower and being happy so I wanted to do something extra. As a bonus, I had a biceps and triceps series just for fun.

Tuesday – REST DAY – I should have done 30 mins of cardio, but I skipped it. I worked late and I had a class, too, so there was some kind of exercises, I wasn’t just cheating on the plan.

Wednesday – it should have been a rest day, but I had classes, 60 minutes of intermediate Pilates then a 90 minute long advanced (aka super hardcore) Pilates. And we followed the example of hot yoga because the AC didn’t work so we did hot Pilates ;)

Thursday – I supposed to have 30 mins of cardio, but I skipped again. Okay, replaced by an earlier video, the Full Body Shaping workout. I did 3 rounds with 20 reps.

Friday – MB’s Fitness Transformation Workout 3 – it was quite easy for me so I did some extra lower body exercises. The whole workout took about an hour.

Saturday – According to the workout plan, I should have done 3 rounds of a HIIT workout and run 2 miles, but I hate running and we have a heatwave here, so I didn’t feel like going out at all. I started with Pumps&Iron’s Lower body Superset workout then I did two rounds of HIIT with Melissa.


The workout was 24 + 30 minutes long but with a nice long warm-up and massive stretch it took me about 80 minutes to finish. And I enjoyed every minute of it <3

Update: I have sore muscles in my butt today. I will survive, but it was a long time ago when I had sore muscles for the last time.

Sunday – I should have had a workout today, but I needed a rest day, I didn’t really feel like working out so I skipped it, I will do this tomorrow.

This week was very good, I did awesome workouts, I felt very good during and especially after the workouts. So, I can say, this week was a good-workout week :) I think, next week will be different because I will have a lot of extra work, but we’ll see, we’ll see…

And how was your workout this week? What was the best and what was the worst workout-related thing this week?

Day 8-9 – having fun again – Sunday mornings are good

I made some changes in the workout this weekend because I was working on Saturday until late in the evening so I was very happy when I realized that Sunday supposed to be a rest day. This way I didn’t have to start working out when I was already very tired but changed the day. Saturday was my rest day and Sunday is my free day, so I had time for anything. I got up, had a nice breakfast, checked the whole internet for interesting stuff then I started the workout.

I did 1 round together with the video plus 1 other rounds with 20-20 reps each. It was fun.

In the second video I worked with weights too, but only the first round was with bigger weights than usual. The second and third round was with my usual weights because I was quite tired. I’m trying to improve my strength so I’m satisfied that I did a whole round with bigger-than-usual weights.

However, I didn’t do good morings, I hate that exercise, it’s not good for the back, instead I did overhead squat with extra little weights.

The whole session, together with warm-up and cool-down, took me more than 70 minutes but I had fun all the way from beginning to the end. I can’t find words how much I enjoy following someone else’s workout now :) I like writing workouts for others and I do quite many but I always postpone writing my own workout plans. It’s much more entertaining for me – anyway… dentist don’t do their own teet, do they? ;)

Day 7 – workout done, food done, happiness

I like Fridays because this is my free morning. I don’t have any work until noon. This is the time for me. This is the time that I wait for during the whole week, when I can sleep (relatively) late, have breakfast while sitting on the couch, do my workout without compromises, prepare my lunch without a hurry and feel good at home. I don’t even care that sometimes I finish my classes at half past nine in the evening on Fridays because I have a free morning which makes me happy.

Today was the seventh day of the 12 workout plan, but I cheated. Not in a bad way, I guess… Because of my many classes on Wednesday I skipped the original suggestions. However, the workouts seemed nice. So, I decided to do at least one of them today.

I did 3 rounds of this workout with rep 20:

Then I completed it with one round of today’s original workout.

Both had some upper body and core focus so as a rest I added 1 minute of squats in between all rounds. 4 minutes of squats is not much, but it felt good to do this way.

There was this very nice exercise, here, it was called cheek to cheek plank, other places I saw it as hip-dip plank but somebody called it “rainbow plank” (like drawing a rainbow in the air with the butt) and ever since I have used this name. It’s sooo cute. My clients don’t always agree with me on thisĀ  because this cute name encouraged me to put this exercise into my classes most often. But I don’t care, I like the exercise and the name.

After the workout, I refreshed myself with a shower and started preparing my lunch and as a total guilty pleasure I had my lunch while watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars. This is an absolutely new series for me, I couldn’t decide if I like it or not but today it was awesome not to be in a rush so I enjoyed every minute of it.

First in a while, I don’t have any extra class in the evening, so it is high time to meet friends. This is a good Friday for me. How does your Friday look like?

Five Faves on Friday

This week has been awful and really positive at the same time. It was about the extremities, things were either exceedingly good or awfully disappointing, but I guess this is the meaning of life, we have ups and downs.

if there are no ups and downs in your life

This week’s favourites <3

1. Melissa Bender

The best part of my week is that I’m very excited to start my workouts. Now, it’s always a surprise because it is not me who plans the structure, who has to think about the exercises. It’s just fun for free. And excitement. It was in January when I last had a session with my personal trainer (yes, because trainers visit trainers, too) and I really missed the freedom of the workouts, when someone else did every thinking. And not me. On Saturday, I started Melissa Bender’s 12 workout plan and I’m trying to stick to it. So far, it has been wonderful.


and I LOVE her assimetrical tops

2. My followers

I have two wordpress followers. Already. Thanks for following me <3

3. cider

I don’t drink alcohol too often, but sometimes it’s good to go out and socialise while drinking some. For many years, I was just drinking water when I went out with my friends who were huge fans of beer. And I’m not. But a few years ago I discovered we have cider. And since then it is my guilty pleasure. I like apple cider and cranberry the most.

sommersby cider

On Wednesday, I “socialized” with myself and my drinking buddy, the “hippo in the jungle” and with a few workout plans I had to finish :)

4. Kinesio tape for pregnancy

I am also a Kinesio tape therapist and this week I had two pregnant women who I taped, which is funny because for months I haven’t had any pregnant clients for Kinesio. I really like working with them because the effect of the tape is immediate and I often get letters like “Even sleeping was easier, thanks” or “It worked! I finished work after 10 hours yesterday and I had hardly any pain in my back”. I love them. And they are always very enthusiastic and cute :)

5. almond + dried cranberry

I needed some midday snack but didn’t feel like eating anything, but then I found my hidden treasures: almond and dried cranberry. I like them separately, it’s not a big news, but together they are fantastic. Please try!

+1. Blogilates book

I received my copy weeks ago and I checked it then but put on the shelf for a while. This week I started to use it again, I like the style of the pictures, the design and how Cassey’s happiness glows and make me happy. It’s a good inspiration, too. I used some of her moves in the workout I wrote to my clients. They seem to like them ;) I love Cassey :)


And what were your favourite things this week?

6th day – I’m a hero, I did my workout in the middle of the day

Today has been a great day. Okay, okay, not really, not the best but started okay. And it was more than okay, when I realised I could fix my workout in my schedule. I did the 6th day of Melissa’s Bikini Contest workout plank which was a full lower body workout. And a few minutes ago I had to get up from the couch and realised I can feel my thighs. I’m sooo excited what I will feel tomorrow (not).

During the workout I didn’t feel anything special, mainly because I had to modify the two most difficult and exhausting exercises and although not dying during the workout I definitely can feel my muscles now. I skipped the side jump squat and did side lunge with front raise instead, and I modified the lunge jumps, too, I did reverse lunges. I always try to avoid high impact exercises but now I was more determined to avoid them because I have my period and I’m oversensitive in my pelvic floor area these days. Anyway, I did 3 rounds with 20-20 reps, I added medium weights to the modified exercises, then I did some bicep and tricep exercises and finished in about 45 minutes. It was a good workout, I enjoyed it.

Free Sunday, free morning, happiness and workout

Today was a good day, after two days of raining I woke up for sunshine this morning. I didn’t have to rush anywhere, I didn’t have to work, finally I had a free day so I started my day with a perfect breakfast then with today’s workout. This is my 2nd day of Melissa Bender’s 12 week workout plan.

I did 3 rounds with maximum reps, today I didn’t cheat, I used weights too. Okay, I modified the lunge jumps because I wanted to avoid high impact exercises (my family has a history with pelvic floor weakness so I try to avoid exercises that can have a weakening effect), so instead of 20 lunge jumps I did 20-20 reverse lunges. I found them effective, too ;) I didn’t modify pop ups because I love them so I always convince myself that I can do them.

Extended plank was very difficult for me, so I did 15 sec of extended plank and 15 sec of normal plank (and of course repeated until I reached the time suggested). My muscles are weak because since my wrist injury I haven’t trained – couldn’t really – my upper body that much so my arms and shoulders became very weak. My wrist is better now but I have to start “building up” my plank muscles almost from the beginning. Which is fun, on one hand, because I’m in love with planks, plank is my obsession, but on the other hand I suffer a lot, mentally, because I know that I was waaaay better at them than my current performance. But I don’t give up, I improved a lot, but I sometimes have to modify. But one day I will plank again :)

I mean, plank everywhere ;)

plank in the bathroom mid-concert

plank in the bathroom mid-concert

Not because the word bikini is in its name,

since I rarely wear bikini. Or I would rather say, almost never.

But rather because I want a new kickstart and I need something prepared when I don’t need to think and mostly because I like Melissa’s videos. I’m very picky with videos but she is the one whose workouts I really like. I rarely have to modify the exercises (and when I have to it’s not because they are unhealty or dangerous but only because of my previous injuries – and it’s rare, I have to tell you), I like that she loves similar style and exercises as I do but always has some twist. Anyway, I love them.

That’s why I decided to start this 12 week program, however I’m not sure everything will go smoothly because of the classes I have. So, I don’t think I will do every workout in the maximum reps and rounds, but I will do each of them at least on a low rep or one round version. But I will try to do my best to fit everything into my schedule*.

melissabenderI was thinking about starting with the second month then I realised that nowadays I’m not on the top of my… my anything so I would need the whole period starting with the hopefully easier workouts in the beginning ;) Today I did this workout. I enjoyed it very much, however I was very coward (plus I have sore muscles from yesterday’s workout), I did the whole round without weights. I did 3 rounds with 20 reps.

Tomorrow’s workout seems nice, too ;) Maybe I will be braver tomorrow and will use weights too ;) Okay, not maybe… I will have to :)

As a bonus, I asked a friend to join me in the 12 week program. I hope, none of us will bail out :)

*time is not the only problem to solve but I should incorporate these workouts into my workout schedule which is not always easy, especially on days when I have hardcore classes to teach. You know, noone wants to be overtrained and overexhausted.