My story, round 4 – LoveYourBelly

I’m starting to feel that my story is just as long as the book series The Forsyte Saga I should rewatch the mini-series, I loved them or… or… or the TV series The Onedin Line was :D Oh no, it’s still not the end ;)

Because of Pilates and spinal dance and my openness to welcome anybody to my classes, I started to have more and more pregnant clients. In addition to this, women who got pregnant after they participated in my Aviva courses wanted to train with me later, too. Which, of course, I didn’t mind. And since I really enjoyed having prenatal trainings, I decided to pick up more courses on pre- and postnatal classes. Pilates, spinal dance and Aviva method courses also taught me a lot about working out with that special group but I’m always striving to gain more knowledge on certain topics so I started to educate myself with prenatal courses. However, the most difficult part comes after giving birth. At least, that’s what I had to realise. I figured many women suffer from diastis recti which sounds frightening, but it can be treated with exercises, too. Not always, but in many occasions it can help.

Diastasis-Recti-V3I started studying LoveYourBelly (a special method assembled by a Hungarian instructor, Tímea Bagyinka). Even I was surprised how effective this set of exercises can be.

The biggest problem is that there’s not enough information about diastasis recti and about how frequent it is among women after pregnancy. Women just get disappointed and depressed when they can’t get back to shape as fast as they expected, moreover, sometimes they start to hate their body and have negative feelings towards their “mommy tummy” and they start reading articles about how to get rid of “that extra pooch”. As it was an evil crime to have some sign left after having a new human being within their body :P No, it is not. Just because media suggests to get flat abs as soon as possible and we should shame ourselves if we don’t fit into pre-pregnancy clothes after only a few weeks, women feel pressured. Pressure is rarely good. They start doing killer workouts and crunches after crunches and they often make their situation worse. From regular crunches, diastasis recti just gets worse. And after a while, they feel even more disappointed, however, it should not be needed. There’s always a solution. Either working out with a physiotherapist or with a personal trainer specialised in diastasis recti can solve problems easily. Okay, not easily, but soon.

I won’t say it is an effortless workout (but we are trying to avoid surgery, so…), it makes you tired, it trains your abs but it also makes you want to do it again and again because the results come fast! My biggest regret is not taking enough before and after photos with my clients. The success rate is enormously high!

02-maternity-photoIt was just after finishing LoveYourBelly course when I realised I’m specialized in wannabe moms and young moms. And somehow I found myself at this point. I truly love working with these women. I like when they have the hope to get pregnant although doctors have told there’s only a small possibility (hello, Aviva method), I like training with pregnant women and watch their growing belly and listen to their excitement about how the baby moves when we do a certain exercise. I enjoy having workouts after the baby is born, helping them getting back to shape. Either they have diastasis recti or not. I’m specialised in women’s health and weightloss in a healthy way.

Have I mentioned, I like working with wannabe or young mothers? :)