A long desired cookbook

I got a super book as a gift today. I have some favourite gastrobloggers both in English and in Hungarian and my brother surprised me with a cookbook from Főzelékes Feri, a very funny gastroblogger. Főzelék is a special Hungarian food, not very posh, often served in school canteens and at home, but usually kids feel it is just a form of vicious punishment as it’s “just veggies”. Traditionally, it is made with white flour and is not always very healthy but he turned them into healthy, delicious and desirable meals.

főzelékHe changed the traditional spices and used offbeat flavour combinations, for instance, in my favourite recipe there are lentils, orange and tarragon. Usually lentils are made with bay, and most often people eat “főzelék” with meatballs but he experimented with many other possibilities and created my favourite topping: roasted cauliflower. Easy and fast to prepare and really delicious. And now, I have his book. I put it on my Christmas wishlist (among 10000 other cookbooks) but Christmas came only today :) Together with a nice new dotted umbrella. I’m in love with dots.

főzelékesferi00Check these meals, they look good but they don’t only taste good but delicious :)