When the trainer needs to be trained

Well, not exactly trained, at least not physically, but yes. The trainer also needs to go to other trainers, doctors, physiotherapists, any kind of therapist to reach health. I always make the same mistake, I tend to overwork myself and this is the year when I want to end this stupid habit. This summer I don’t work as much as I usually do. I take care of my body. My mind. My life. I’m under big changes, I have big plans, I really want a change. And I don’t want to be a preacher, I want to be a doer. I started to make changes in my diet, in my workouts, in my way of thinking (not big changes, but some I really needed). I decided to do what I often preach about to my clients. I went to massages because I find them extremely important. I started to incorporate more stretches into my workout routines. I started to observe my body’s reactions to food, to exercise, to… well, to life. That’s why I went to a manual therapist when I recognised that I often have sore muscles only on one side of my body, which suggest some asymmetry in muscle engagement. I visited a clever man I often go when I have a problem that I cannot solve. He checked my body, he turned and tossed me and made a conclusion. I don’t have any big troubles with my body, I’m just extremely tense. That’s the same thing I felt. And that’s the same thing my masseur said.

listen to your body

I liked something my masseur suggested. While she was massaging me I said that I feel as if marbles were under my skin and she needed to make them disappear and I slightly panicked that it is impossible (or at least very painful). Then she suggested just jokingly that I should rather imagine them as ice-cream scoops this way I could just melt them away. After a minute we realised that it is really what I need to do. It makes everything much easier, we must imagine our problems as something that can disappear and not something that is almost impossible to do. I was just imagining my scoops melting while taking big deep breaths and it helped the tension melt away too.

Sometimes the universe sends many-many signs that we ignore. I cannot ignore the message anymore. Everybody tells this, every cell of my body tells this, so I really have to realise, I need some relaxation. I don’t have any other problems, just tense muscles around my hip. Yet. I need to focus on my mind, on the perfect way of relaxation.

Sooo, I decided to spend some time with myself, to do some meditation and relaxation. A few years ago I learnt the method of autogenic training but now, I don’t exactly know why, it’s not the best method for me. I can’t concentrate on it, I don’t feel the positive effect of it, so I need something else.

Until I find the perfect method, I will follow some meditations and relaxations from youtube. Whenever I find a nice one, I will post it here and you can also post your favourite guided meditations.

The first youtube meditation wasn’t very convincing, it was a bit autogenic-training-like plus I prefer meditations where I can lie on the mat instead of sitting, where I can close my eyes, but it’s a start. A very first “something”. Better ones are coming, I promise!

I also started to listen to relaxing music while doing the administrative tasks of my job. I don’t know if it helps, but at least I can listen to new music, no melodies.

Have you tried any guided meditations? Did you like them? Did they help you? Do you have any tips how one can find the most suitable meditations, ways of relaxation?