Fast & Easy: coconut balls

I live in Hungary and here we have some weird food. Weird, but tasty ones. We mix cottage cheese with chocolate, we grind food that noone else would and we often get surprised how people cannot like our food :D One of the traditional fast & unhealthy foods is “kókuszgolyó” (coconut balls), which I really like. For me, it brings back childhood memories. I remember making these small balls together with my mom and brother every New Year’s Eve. It’s a typical dessert offered on parties, it’s just one bite and you can continue whatever you were doing. Originally it is made with sweet grinded biscuit (we often bought them and grinded with the old-style grinder that was my great-grandmother’s), with sour cherry juice (we used my mom’s home-made compote’s extra liquid for it), with lots of sugar, some cocoa and rum. It’s not the healthiest food, I know. And it’s not posh or elegant either. But I like them.

Fortunately, you can make it in a healthy way, too. I followed a Hungarian gastro-blogger’s recipe, but I changed some bits and pieces, so here’s how I make this very addictive dessert.

coconut balls


10 tablespoons oatmeal/oat flakes

2 teaspoons cocoa powder

2 tablespoons sweetener (I use erythritol)

5 cl coconut milk

2 teaspoon of raspberry or blackberry jam


desiccated coconut

some ginger if you like it

Alert, alert! Very difficult instructions are coming:

Mix everything in a bowl then wait. If you are in a hurry, 30-50 minutes is enough, but honestly, the more is the better. It makes forming easier.

Now, after this very patient waiting period, start forming balls from the dollop. If you get your hands wet, it makes a bit easier. Then roll the balls in the desiccated coconut. And you are ready. Try to eat only every second while making the balls ;)

Following the original recipe, people can put sour cherry or dried fruits in the middle of the balls. I don’t like that version so we have never made it that way with my mom.

What’s your favourite fast & healthy sweet treat?