Question #5: are you a meat eater?


It’ an interesting question, especially now because I’m planning some changes in my diet to experiment the effecst of certain diets, theories and food groups on me. 

I grew up as a meat eater because the traditional Hungarian cuisine is very heavily meat and dairy product based. For many years, I ate a lot of meat, mostly chicken and turkey, sometimes beef or pork. Later I started to lower the amount of meat I ate, I even had a 6-month-long period when I was vegan. The 100% vegan diet was not suitable for me but I call my eating habits plant based because the vegetables and grains are the most important parts of my daily menu and fruits and meat are just an extra. For example, when I dine out or visit my parents. I have about 5-6 totaly meatless days in a week but sometimes this changes.

And what about you?

Daily Question #4


I prefer indoors. Mostly I workout at home because I’m too lazy to travel – okay, not exactly lazy, I just like being time-effective (I have two jobs, so if I don’t want to go crazy, I MUST be time-effective). I hardly have long enough breaks for both travelling and doing a proper workout so I choose the workout and a pleasant shower at home. I have dumbbells, a kettlebell, bands, stability and Pilates balls, a Pilates ring and a Rip60 at home, and these are totally enough for me. I like working out at home. On the very plus size, when I’m tired or don’t feel like working out at all, I can listen to whatever music I want or watch (okay, maybe it’s just listening) TV series while doing the hard work.

However, from time to time I feel the desire to check others’ group classes so I visit some (mostly TRX, Pilates or spinal dance) and we often test new gyms in the neighbourhood just to complain about the insufficient number of squat racks :P

And what about you? where do you do your workouts?

Daily question #3


Currently, I have two books on hand, both are for fun. The first is Blogilates Cassey’s book, Hot Body Year Round and I enjoy the wonderful photos and I really enjoy the style, it is a true Cassey-style, it makes me wanna smile.

The other book is also for fun, Agatha Christie is my favourite read, I always reread her books from time to time, now it’s time for “Why didn’t they ask for Evans?”

The Blogilates book is a paperback book but the Agatha Christie novel is on Kindle. I love reading on Kindle because it’s very comfortable, fits even into my smallest bag. However, I LOVE beautiful pictures so books on food and fitness are often on my shelf in paper form.

Daily question #2


Okay, I have to admit, this question shouldn’t have been asked this soon, it was on quite the end of the list but I had a huge source of stress last week. I couldn’t use my computer for a day, It just showed me the blue death then after some healing attempt the black emptiness on the screen, I panicked. I panicked that I would lose every data, some photos and all. Honestly, I sometimes forget to backup my files, I save them from time to time and I have most of my stuff online but… but not everything. Luckily, nothing was lost, everything is perfect but I was worried. Really.

So when I realised how difficult it can be to survived without my computer, the first thing to do was working outout. So, I think, the best stress reliever is the workout for me. When I’m stressed I immediately need some high-intensity workout, mostly full of planks and pushups. I don’t know why, but pushups are my best friends and not the diamonds.
When I’m in constant stress I also need some body&mind training, mostly Pilates or yoga.

Not only workouts but expressing my thoughts, my feelings, my problems can help. Sometimes I just write them down on my closed blog or talk to a friend. Or when the problem is bigger, to a professional.

So, what’s your favourite stress reliever?