Daily question #3


Currently, I have two books on hand, both are for fun. The first is Blogilates¬†Cassey’s book, Hot Body Year Round and I enjoy the wonderful photos and I really enjoy the style, it is a true Cassey-style, it makes me wanna smile.

The other book is also for fun, Agatha Christie is my favourite read, I always reread her books from time to time, now it’s time for “Why didn’t they ask for Evans?”

The Blogilates book is a paperback book but the Agatha Christie novel is on Kindle. I love reading on Kindle because it’s very comfortable, fits even into my smallest bag. However, I LOVE beautiful pictures so books on food and fitness are often on my shelf in paper form.

Five Faves on Friday

This week has been awful and really positive at the same time. It was about the extremities, things were either exceedingly good or awfully disappointing, but I guess this is the meaning of life, we have ups and downs.

if there are no ups and downs in your life

This week’s favourites <3

1. Melissa Bender

The best part of my week is that I’m very excited to start my workouts. Now, it’s always a surprise because it is not me who plans the structure, who has to think about the exercises. It’s just fun for free. And excitement. It was in January when I last had a session with my personal trainer (yes, because trainers visit trainers, too) and I really missed the freedom of the workouts, when someone else did every thinking. And not me. On Saturday, I started Melissa Bender’s 12 workout plan and I’m trying to stick to it. So far, it has been wonderful.


and I LOVE her assimetrical tops

2. My followers

I have two wordpress followers. Already. Thanks for following me <3

3. cider

I don’t drink alcohol too often, but sometimes it’s good to go out and socialise while drinking some. For many years, I was just drinking water when I went out with my friends who were huge fans of beer. And I’m not. But a few years ago I discovered we have cider. And since then it is my guilty pleasure. I like apple cider and cranberry the most.

sommersby cider

On Wednesday, I “socialized” with myself and my drinking buddy, the “hippo in the jungle” and with a few workout plans I had to finish :)

4. Kinesio tape for pregnancy

I am also a Kinesio tape therapist and this week I had two pregnant women who I taped, which is funny because for months I haven’t had any pregnant clients for Kinesio. I really like working with them because the effect of the tape is immediate and I often get letters like “Even sleeping was easier, thanks” or “It worked! I finished work after 10 hours yesterday and I had hardly any pain in my back”. I love them. And they are always very enthusiastic and cute :)

5. almond + dried cranberry

I needed some midday snack but didn’t feel like eating anything, but then I found my hidden treasures: almond and dried cranberry. I like them separately, it’s not a big news, but together they are fantastic. Please try!

+1. Blogilates book

I received my copy weeks ago and I checked it then but put on the shelf for a while. This week I started to use it again, I like the style of the pictures, the design and how Cassey’s happiness glows and make me happy. It’s a good inspiration, too. I used some of her moves in the workout I wrote to my clients. They seem to like them ;) I love Cassey :)


And what were your favourite things this week?