I’m here for…

Honestly? Motivating myself. Before I became an instructor I had my weightloss/workout blog which was a huge motivation for myself. I documented every workout, the changes, the mistakes. It was extremely useful. I made friends because of my blog. When I started working as a fitness instructor I closed my blog. However, I found writing a blog very useful so I always suggest(ed) my clients to have one. I often checked their blogs ;) And now, at this point, I need this motivation again. If I have time, I will document my workouts, too, because now I’m most of an office worker. I hardly have any group classes, a few personal trainings but I write workout and diet plans. Hello, working at the computer again. So my “fitness trainer job” turned into an office job. Now I feel like an office clerk so I need the same “extra” from the blog :)

wanna feel this again

wanna feel this again

But mostly… I would like to get back to cooking more plus I would like to get used to taking photos or videos of my food. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, I would like to prepare for my future, to be a holistic nutritionist. I would like to collect some info, some good articles, some good videos and thoughts. My plan is to be very clever and educated on food by the time I can start my courses. Just because I want to ask clever questions ;)

I know quite a lot about nutrition now because I learnt about it on 3 different courses (PT, Aviva method, Weight Loss and Sport Nutrition courses) and I have read a lot of books on illnesses I had to face or my clients have to deal with. I just need some more. I’m never satisfied with knowledge ;)