Loveyourbelly – closing your diastasis recti – workshop for abdominal separation

Diastasis recti. Statistics – and experience – say more than 70% of women have it after pregnancy. Usually, women realise they have diastasis recti when they cannot get back in shape as fast as they expected, they cannot lose their mummy tummy. However, it is not only an aesthetic problem in the abdominal area, but it can lead to many other health issues, too, such as lower back pain, hernia in the belly button sometimes spinal hernia and because the organs are not supported properly, it can cause the weakening of the pelvic floor area and thus, incontinence.

What exactly is a diastasis recti?

A diastasis recti is the separation of your rectus abdominis muscle at your linea alba, which means a gap between the abs in line with your belly button. It is quite common during pregnancy, but not only pregnant women can be affected (improper exercises, working with big weights can also lead to diastasis recti).

Although the separation can return to normal in the first 10-12 weeks after giving birth, in most cases this separation remains unclosed, which creates an increased strain on the back, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Diastasis-Recti-V3I may have a diastasis recti – how can I check for it?

Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat. Place your fingers on your belly (around bellybutton), slowly lift your head as if doing a crunch. The abs will contract and you can check whether you find a gap or not. If there’s a gap, you need some specialized exercise, like LoveYourBelly.

How do you fix it?

It’s not very difficult yet very difficult at the same time. It’s not difficult because Loveyourbelly was created for closing the gap, but I can say that these exercises are not easy and they need concentration and endurance. But we are avoiding an operation with the exercises so it’s worth it, isn’t it?

First and most important thing: Stop doing regular crunches and other core exercises because they can worsen the situation.

Second step: learn the LoveYourBelly exercises.

Why does it work?

It has a special breathing technique which stabilizes the damaged muscles and make them work properly and start the shortening of these muscles. If they shorten properly they can develop.

During the workshop:

  • I check for diastasis recti with everybody individually
  • we learn how to perform the exercises of the method properly
  • how to breath properly
  • you get ergonomic recommendations to improve your posture (sitting and standing) and abdominal engagement
  • we talk about diet, because many young mothers want to lose weight and not only make the gap disappear
  • after the program you get the home exercises program that can be done anywhere, anytime

If you are interested in improving your posture, strengthening and flattening your stomach and heal diastasis recti, join my workshop.

If you are not in Budapest, don’t worry, I teach online sessions too. Contact me at nutritionmate (at) to arrange an online appointment.

(group classes available only in Budapest, individual sessions available both in Budapest and online)

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