Aviva method

Aviva method is a sequence of exercises that stimulates the lower abdominal area and  increases blood-flow to the reproductive organs. With the help of the exercises (on a regular basis) the organs receive more supply of blood, thus increased amount of hormones and the method supports the healthy function of the female organs. This extra stimulation in the pelvic region helps in healing various gynaecological problems, it normalises hormonal levels and helps in reproduction.

Aviva method can help with the following problems:

– painful or too long menstrual periods

– irregular cycles

– infertility

– menopausal symptoms

– weight problems caused by hormonal imbalances

– uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS

Intro course contains: overview of the method; how to support our health with diet; set of exercises

Intro course is available (currently) in Budapest and via online consultation.

Contact me at nutritionmate (at) matenoemi.hu for further info.

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