Question #5: are you a meat eater?


It’ an interesting question, especially now because I’m planning some changes in my diet to experiment the effecst of certain diets, theories and food groups on me. 

I grew up as a meat eater because the traditional Hungarian cuisine is very heavily meat and dairy product based. For many years, I ate a lot of meat, mostly chicken and turkey, sometimes beef or pork. Later I started to lower the amount of meat I ate, I even had a 6-month-long period when I was vegan. The 100% vegan diet was not suitable for me but I call my eating habits plant based because the vegetables and grains are the most important parts of my daily menu and fruits and meat are just an extra. For example, when I dine out or visit my parents. I have about 5-6 totaly meatless days in a week but sometimes this changes.

And what about you?

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