Daily Question #4


I prefer indoors. Mostly I workout at home because I’m too lazy to travel – okay, not exactly lazy, I just like being time-effective (I have two jobs, so if I don’t want to go crazy, I MUST be time-effective). I hardly have long enough breaks for both travelling and doing a proper workout so I choose the workout and a pleasant shower at home. I have dumbbells, a kettlebell, bands, stability and Pilates balls, a Pilates ring and a Rip60 at home, and these are totally enough for me. I like working out at home. On the very plus size, when I’m tired or don’t feel like working out at all, I can listen to whatever music I want or watch (okay, maybe it’s just listening) TV series while doing the hard work.

However, from time to time I feel the desire to check others’ group classes so I visit some (mostly TRX, Pilates or spinal dance) and we often test new gyms in the neighbourhood just to complain about the insufficient number of squat racks :P

And what about you? where do you do your workouts?

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