My story, round 5 – becoming a nutritionist

Food has always had an important role in my life. As a typical teenager I tried to lose weight even when I didn’t have anything extra on me, later, I had some, I worked hard to lose the extra weight. This was the first time I started to think about food consciously. It was my first meeting with healthy or diet ingredients.

My first real milestone with eating was when I was diagnosed with insulin resistance (IR) and had to dig into dietary suggestions, had to learn the rules, the counting of carbohydrates, the proper time I should eat. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original diet so I started to search for alternative diet suggestions. Luckily, I found the diet that worked best for me. During the search, I learnt quite a lot about the conventional Hungarian approach and dietary suggestions, vegetarian and vegan diet, Paleo and Mediterranean diet. This huge amount of information helped me a lot in my later studies because I didn’t have to study the very basics as I had known them before.

community studying

The second milestone was when I started my school to become a fitness instructor. Luckily, we had a very good teacher, a talented dietitian, who was mostly teaching about typical weight loss diet but gave some extra tips too. I liked those extra tips, they proved to be useful later.

The third milestone was when on our Pilates course we learnt about diet again, but not only from the how-to-lose-weight approach but about minerals, vitamins and other extras.

The fourth milestone was a very determining point in my life. However, earlier I had learnt quite a lot about vegan diet but it didn’t become my closest friend. Then I started to get closer to the Aviva method, which supports the idea of the alkaline diet. First, I was totally against it because it’s highly problematic to follow. Especially, when previously following a typical Hungarian diet. During the class, we were encouraged to read a lot about the alkaline diet. I decided to prove that it’s not the best approach but during my research I realised, there’s a lot of truth in it. I made a conclusion and I decided to support the plant-based diet. However, I do not only eat veggies and grains. I eat meat about once a week, some cheese once in a while, so there are exceptions but when I plan MY diet, it’s mostly plant based. In my opinion, there are many cases when being vegan is not the best option but being “only” on a plant-based diet is always a good idea (I know, it’s not the official definition but for me, plant based diet means that I eat as many veggies as possible and meat as an extra). It has all the positive characteristics of vegan and carnivorous diets.


Next time I applied for a sport and weight loss nutritionist course where, luckily, we had very open-minded teachers*, I digged deeper in supportive diets in weight loss, I learnt about different approaches and I also learnt about the importance of other aspects (sport activity, daily work, stress level, body type, etc) so I still wasn’t satisfied.

It was the time where I started to search for more opportunities, for quite a long time I couldn’t decide whether I should go back to college and become a dietitian or going for the more alternative approach. I did my research and realised that I do not always agree with the conventional approach, but I find the holistic way of thinking more effective. I have always encouraged my clients to seek for help in different places, such as therapists (I think stress relief is much-much more important than we think), health coaches, naturopathist’s and try as many methods as they can until they find the perfect one. That’s when I figured out that being a holistic nutritionist and health coach is my path.

And here I am now, wanting to deepen my knowledge in the field of nutrition. I’m very excited about starting my new school. As soon as possible. I’m still saving for the tuition, but it will happen. Until then, I’m “just” reading and trying and using my current knowledge.

*I’m a bit weird, or control-freak or just maximalist, but I always do a long research about which school, which course is the best for me. I rarely choose poorly ;)


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