Day 8-9 – having fun again – Sunday mornings are good

I made some changes in the workout this weekend because I was working on Saturday until late in the evening so I was very happy when I realized that Sunday supposed to be a rest day. This way I didn’t have to start working out when I was already very tired but changed the day. Saturday was my rest day and Sunday is my free day, so I had time for anything. I got up, had a nice breakfast, checked the whole internet for interesting stuff then I started the workout.

I did 1 round together with the video plus 1 other rounds with 20-20 reps each. It was fun.

In the second video I worked with weights too, but only the first round was with bigger weights than usual. The second and third round was with my usual weights because I was quite tired. I’m trying to improve my strength so I’m satisfied that I did a whole round with bigger-than-usual weights.

However, I didn’t do good morings, I hate that exercise, it’s not good for the back, instead I did overhead squat with extra little weights.

The whole session, together with warm-up and cool-down, took me more than 70 minutes but I had fun all the way from beginning to the end. I can’t find words how much I enjoy following someone else’s workout now :) I like writing workouts for others and I do quite many but I always postpone writing my own workout plans. It’s much more entertaining for me – anyway… dentist don’t do their own teet, do they? ;)

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