Five Faves on Friday

This week has been awful and really positive at the same time. It was about the extremities, things were either exceedingly good or awfully disappointing, but I guess this is the meaning of life, we have ups and downs.

if there are no ups and downs in your life

This week’s favourites <3

1. Melissa Bender

The best part of my week is that I’m very excited to start my workouts. Now, it’s always a surprise because it is not me who plans the structure, who has to think about the exercises. It’s just fun for free. And excitement. It was in January when I last had a session with my personal trainer (yes, because trainers visit trainers, too) and I really missed the freedom of the workouts, when someone else did every thinking. And not me. On Saturday, I started Melissa Bender’s 12 workout plan and I’m trying to stick to it. So far, it has been wonderful.


and I LOVE her assimetrical tops

2. My followers

I have two wordpress followers. Already. Thanks for following me <3

3. cider

I don’t drink alcohol too often, but sometimes it’s good to go out and socialise while drinking some. For many years, I was just drinking water when I went out with my friends who were huge fans of beer. And I’m not. But a few years ago I discovered we have cider. And since then it is my guilty pleasure. I like apple cider and cranberry the most.

sommersby cider

On Wednesday, I “socialized” with myself and my drinking buddy, the “hippo in the jungle” and with a few workout plans I had to finish :)

4. Kinesio tape for pregnancy

I am also a Kinesio tape therapist and this week I had two pregnant women who I taped, which is funny because for months I haven’t had any pregnant clients for Kinesio. I really like working with them because the effect of the tape is immediate and I often get letters like “Even sleeping was easier, thanks” or “It worked! I finished work after 10 hours yesterday and I had hardly any pain in my back”. I love them. And they are always very enthusiastic and cute :)

5. almond + dried cranberry

I needed some midday snack but didn’t feel like eating anything, but then I found my hidden treasures: almond and dried cranberry. I like them separately, it’s not a big news, but together they are fantastic. Please try!

+1. Blogilates book

I received my copy weeks ago and I checked it then but put on the shelf for a while. This week I started to use it again, I like the style of the pictures, the design and how Cassey’s happiness glows and make me happy. It’s a good inspiration, too. I used some of her moves in the workout I wrote to my clients. They seem to like them ;) I love Cassey :)


And what were your favourite things this week?

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