Day 7 – workout done, food done, happiness

I like Fridays because this is my free morning. I don’t have any work until noon. This is the time for me. This is the time that I wait for during the whole week, when I can sleep (relatively) late, have breakfast while sitting on the couch, do my workout without compromises, prepare my lunch without a hurry and feel good at home. I don’t even care that sometimes I finish my classes at half past nine in the evening on Fridays because I have a free morning which makes me happy.

Today was the seventh day of the 12 workout plan, but I cheated. Not in a bad way, I guess… Because of my many classes on Wednesday I skipped the original suggestions. However, the workouts seemed nice. So, I decided to do at least one of them today.

I did 3 rounds of this workout with rep 20:

Then I completed it with one round of today’s original workout.

Both had some upper body and core focus so as a rest I added 1 minute of squats in between all rounds. 4 minutes of squats is not much, but it felt good to do this way.

There was this very nice exercise, here, it was called cheek to cheek plank, other places I saw it as hip-dip plank but somebody called it “rainbow plank” (like drawing a rainbow in the air with the butt) and ever since I have used this name. It’s sooo cute. My clients don’t always agree with me on this¬† because this cute name encouraged me to put this exercise into my classes most often. But I don’t care, I like the exercise and the name.

After the workout, I refreshed myself with a shower and started preparing my lunch and as a total guilty pleasure I had my lunch while watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars. This is an absolutely new series for me, I couldn’t decide if I like it or not but today it was awesome not to be in a rush so I enjoyed every minute of it.

First in a while, I don’t have any extra class in the evening, so it is high time to meet friends. This is a good Friday for me. How does your Friday look like?


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