6th day – I’m a hero, I did my workout in the middle of the day

Today has been a great day. Okay, okay, not really, not the best but started okay. And it was more than okay, when I realised I could fix my workout in my schedule. I did the 6th day of Melissa’s Bikini Contest workout plank which was a full lower body workout. And a few minutes ago I had to get up from the couch and realised I can feel my thighs. I’m sooo excited what I will feel tomorrow (not).

During the workout I didn’t feel anything special, mainly because I had to modify the two most difficult and exhausting exercises and although not dying during the workout I definitely can feel my muscles now. I skipped the side jump squat and did side lunge with front raise instead, and I modified the lunge jumps, too, I did reverse lunges. I always try to avoid high impact exercises but now I was more determined to avoid them because I have my period and I’m oversensitive in my pelvic floor area these days. Anyway, I did 3 rounds with 20-20 reps, I added medium weights to the modified exercises, then I did some bicep and tricep exercises and finished in about 45 minutes. It was a good workout, I enjoyed it.

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