5th day of the workout – first “substitute workout”

Today is the 5th day of Melissa’s workout plan, I totally mastered the last two days, which were rest days :) I didn’t do anything. It is a big thing for me because my weakest point is not being able to have a rest, I work too much. And this is my unspoken challenge: not to overwork myself. Again. Anyway, the last two days were okay, I had rest, I was walking a bit – just for doing some shopping but I didn’t take the bus,  I just enjoyed the free walk.

So, back to today. This would have been a nice workout but today I worked a lot, I hardly had any breaks plus I had two hours of advanced Pilates and after that it wouldn’t have been a good idea to do the workout. I will do it some day, I’m sure, because it looks good. I even wrote it on my workout papers. Yeah, because I’m weird and I always write my workouts on paper. I even have a cute workout exercise book. It comes in handy many times when I’m too lazy to create a brand new workout for the day. My papers look like this.

IMG_20150527_201819Yes, the paper says “go move mountains” because after I good workout I always have the larger-than-life feeling. And I could move mountains. Not my legs, but mountains, yes ;)

What about you, how do you document your workouts?

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