My story, round 3 – Aviva method

It is a widespread thought that fitness trainers are as healthy as possible because they exercise, eat properly, don’t smoke, probably they deal with stress better and all the illnesses avoid them. I have to tell you the truth. It is not like that. Working life, stress, family matters, illnesses in the family, loss, relationship problems, genetic inheritance and the environment (chemicals in food, water, smog, etc) have their effects on us, too. We are just lucky because we know that if we change our diet, choose special sets of exercises, it can be cured and usually the alternative methods are our first choice. At least it happened to me. And I know that many fellow-trainers follow the same path, we just want to solve our problems with exercise and diet if it’s possible.
When I was about 25 years old I was diagnosed with uterus fibroids. First I panicked because I knew nothing about it. Fotunately, doctors said that it’s not urgent to operate so following my doctor’s suggestions I tried to cure myself with alternative methods. I searched for special diets and workouts. This is when I found the Aviva method. With the help of a special – and quite strict – diet, the Aviva exercises, therapy sessions (because many fibroids are said to have psychological origin) and herbs, my fibroids started to shrink. After just five month I only had one which size was just the third of the original. I still haven’t needed an operation.
After the diagnosis I read a lot of books, asked several experts about the best diet and it was the first time when I felt the desire to study about nutrition. I learnt the diet suitable for my illnesses (fibroids and as a bonus I have insuline resistance) and started to take notes about other information I found interesting in the field of nutrition.
I hardworkingly did the exercises and when during a locker-room-talk, after one of my Pilates classes I realised that this kind of problems are not as rare as I thought, I decided to study the method and became an instructor. For me it was a surprise how many women suffer from PCOS, fibroids and cysts, hormonal imbalance or just serious cramps. I was happy to study about them because I wanted to help the women who visited my classes.
Aviva method is a sequence of exercise that stimulates the lower abdominal area and increases blood-flow to the reproductive organs. We have learnt before that a good circulation is very important (you know, your leg can start hurting when watching a long film in the cinema, sitting for long ours kills the lower-back, etc), there’s no difference with the female organs, either.  It can increase the level of hormones which helps in reproduction, can help in treating tyroid problems.
Most people come to my Aviva courses to treat infertility (there are many successful stories with spontaneous pregnancies sometimes even after unsuccessful IVFs) and PCOS and fibroids. We also have success stories with menopausal and PMS symptoms and usually the relief in these situations come quite quickly. I had very serious period cramps which became lighter after years of Pilates, I have to admit, but Aviva method gave a last push and made it even easier. And, this is very important for me because I work a lot with women who want to lose weight (sometimes after giving birth, sometimes not), the exercises can help handle weight problems caused by hormonal disbalances.
görcsös menstruáció new girl
I have been teaching Aviva for more than two years now and I have very positive results. It’s not easy because the exercises are not basic I-lie-on-the-floor-while-doing-Kegels style exercises but they make you sweat. So, unfortunately some of my clients give up after a few weeks but the ones who stick to their plans to follow the diet and the workouts usually can show good results. Some of them could stop taking medicine (after a consultation with their doctors!) or together with the original non-alternative treatment they can be cured or sometimes it “just” helps minor surgeries more successful (for example, it is easier to operate a medium sized fibroid than a large one or it helped make fallopian tube permeable or just made the “operation” more successful). It is really worth it to do the exercises.
This method goes with a special diet so, on the course, we learnt about diet as well and this was the time when I really started to search for more and more information on nutrition. We learnt about a diet that is not always popular among clients (because it’s not easy to follow) and I started to search for cheating possibilities but the only thing I find was, even more specialized diets. I read and learnt a lot about curing a certain illness from very different approaches (conventional western nutrition suggestions, vegan diet, alkaline diet, Paleo diet, macrobiotics, ayurvedidic diet) which helped me teach what I teach now. I don’t like fanatically following one approach’s ideas that’s why I did researches and took part in courses and workshops.
Aviva method is not the easiest course I teach because I have to keep a lot of information in my mind, I see very difficult illnesses and sad stories. But there are more happy endings than sad stories, it is always to wake up to e-mails like “I don’t need the surgery”, “I’m pregnant” or “I have a smaller dose of medicine from now on, my doctor is more than optimistic that I can stop taking in a while”. It makes me happy. It energizes me, it helps see the sunlight on the darkest days.
Because of the succes stories (and sometimes I feel rather because of the lack of succes) I feel I need to learn more about nutrition, exercises, about health in general that is way my closest aim is to become a holistic nutritionist because I believe we don’t only have to put one thing into its place to make our body work properly but we have to “attack” the problem from different angles, like eating, workouts, stress relief (and we also have to treat the psychological origins of an illness) and if needed, taking medicine. I’m not against medicine, I just think, that if a one-legged chair cannot be stable, our health cannot be on it’s peak if we support it only from one side.

4 thoughts on “My story, round 3 – Aviva method

  1. I have never heard of Aviva, but it sounds wonderful. I’ve just started suffering from some hormonal imbalances and cysts after I came off many years of hormonal birth control. This is definitely something I’ll be looking into more – thank you so much!


  2. Aviva (the creator of the method) was born in Hungary then as a child moved to Israel and started to work on her method there. I think the biggest problem with Aviva is that the “marketing” is not strong enough, it isn’t widespread enough. It is most well-known in Israel and in Hungary and thanks to a lady who started educating others, there are some instructors around the world, but only a few in certain countries. For example only one in China, 2-3 in the US, one or two in the UK, so there aren’t enough instructors. And although I can see some interviews, articles about this method in Hungary, I don’t really see anything about it in English :(

    I have had many clients who “just” needed to get back to normal after years of birth control pills and usually they could show great results. So yes, it’s very useful and effective. Where Aviva is not available, I always suggest yoga, they can help too ;)


    • Yes, for most people’s surprise, plant based diet is almost always a solution for health problems. When I had serious problems, I also switched to a 100% plant based diet, nowadays I eat meat once in a while and some cheese about once a month but yes, plant based diet really works! Happy to hear that it helped you, too :)


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