Free Sunday, free morning, happiness and workout

Today was a good day, after two days of raining I woke up for sunshine this morning. I didn’t have to rush anywhere, I didn’t have to work, finally I had a free day so I started my day with a perfect breakfast then with today’s workout. This is my 2nd day of Melissa Bender’s 12 week workout plan.

I did 3 rounds with maximum reps, today I didn’t cheat, I used weights too. Okay, I modified the lunge jumps because I wanted to avoid high impact exercises (my family has a history with pelvic floor weakness so I try to avoid exercises that can have a weakening effect), so instead of 20 lunge jumps I did 20-20 reverse lunges. I found them effective, too ;) I didn’t modify pop ups because I love them so I always convince myself that I can do them.

Extended plank was very difficult for me, so I did 15 sec of extended plank and 15 sec of normal plank (and of course repeated until I reached the time suggested). My muscles are weak because since my wrist injury I haven’t trained – couldn’t really – my upper body that much so my arms and shoulders became very weak. My wrist is better now but I have to start “building up” my plank muscles almost from the beginning. Which is fun, on one hand, because I’m in love with planks, plank is my obsession, but on the other hand I suffer a lot, mentally, because I know that I was waaaay better at them than my current performance. But I don’t give up, I improved a lot, but I sometimes have to modify. But one day I will plank again :)

I mean, plank everywhere ;)

plank in the bathroom mid-concert

plank in the bathroom mid-concert


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