Not because the word bikini is in its name,

since I rarely wear bikini. Or I would rather say, almost never.

But rather because I want a new kickstart and I need something prepared when I don’t need to think and mostly because I like Melissa’s videos. I’m very picky with videos but she is the one whose workouts I really like. I rarely have to modify the exercises (and when I have to it’s not because they are unhealty or dangerous but only because of my previous injuries – and it’s rare, I have to tell you), I like that she loves similar style and exercises as I do but always has some twist. Anyway, I love them.

That’s why I decided to start this 12 week program, however I’m not sure everything will go smoothly because of the classes I have. So, I don’t think I will do every workout in the maximum reps and rounds, but I will do each of them at least on a low rep or one round version. But I will try to do my best to fit everything into my schedule*.

melissabenderI was thinking about starting with the second month then I realised that nowadays I’m not on the top of my… my anything so I would need the whole period starting with the hopefully easier workouts in the beginning ;) Today I did this workout. I enjoyed it very much, however I was very coward (plus I have sore muscles from yesterday’s workout), I did the whole round without weights. I did 3 rounds with 20 reps.

Tomorrow’s workout seems nice, too ;) Maybe I will be braver tomorrow and will use weights too ;) Okay, not maybe… I will have to :)

As a bonus, I asked a friend to join me in the 12 week program. I hope, none of us will bail out :)

*time is not the only problem to solve but I should incorporate these workouts into my workout schedule which is not always easy, especially on days when I have hardcore classes to teach. You know, noone wants to be overtrained and overexhausted.

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