Why I love Pilates

Nothing special, it’s just addictive and makes everything better ;)

I remember, I didn’t want to do Pilates when I first read about it. I found it boring and only for old ladies. How wrong I was! However, the first class I (literrally hardly) survived was terrible. The instructor was very untalented and the class was not only extremely boring but – as later I learnt – not real Pilates. This was the time when I made a strict decision I would never again take part in a class like this. Ever. Then my brother had some problem with his spine and he was suggested to do Pilates (and at the same time I became friends with a Pilates instructor, which helped a lot, too, I guess…) so I went to the class with him. And on that class I totally changed my mind. It was super, it was exciting, I had to concentrate on so many things during the movements that I couldn’t think about anything, I couldn’t do my “to do list” in my head, couldn’t think about the day’s happenings. It was just my body and the voice of the instructor.

pilatesI enjoyed it very much.

Yes, I started to visit Pilates classes.

And what now? I’m a Pilates instructor. Quite funny, I think… A few years after my bad experience I became an instructor myself. I have been teaching Pilates for 3 years. Time goes by fast…

Today I had my class after a week-off. My group was very happy to get me back again and said they really missed my class. As they say, they never feel any back pain when they visit my classes. They always say they feel taller and with better posture. They are always happy to surprise themselves with somee extra sweets after the class without feeling guilty (okay, at this point I don’t totally agree with them :P). And they always make me happy when they share their feelings <3

And today I was very tired when I arrived to the class but they welcomed me with soooo many smiles and huge enthusiasm that my tiredness flew away. I was very proud of them we always step out of their comfort zone and do more and more exercises, some of them are totally advanced ones and it doesn’t matter whether they are 30 or 70, they can enjoy the class. I love them. I love Pilates because with its creative modifications they can be suitable for everybody. I love the diversity of my classes. I love getting to know people from so differenct background, professions, generations or with totally different fitness past.

I just simply love it.

My best decision was studying Pilates <3 Okay, at least one of my best decisions (because I have other classes that I’m in love with).

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