Dairyfree diet? No new info just my regular stream of consciousness

I didn’t plan to write this soon about my relationship with dairy products but only a bit later when you are more tolerant towards my weird thoughts and stream of consciousness ;) But today I found Lucy’s post about being dairy free. I liked it. I enjoyed rereading the facts I have known before. However, I was reminded again how weak I am. Although I know how healthy it is to avoid dairy products, I can see the changes on my very on body (better skin, no stomach pain, no digestion problems, no bloating) I am more than tempted from time to time by eating dairy products.


I don’t drink milk, I have never liked that, so it’s not a problem. In cookies and puddings I can easily replace the milk with rice, coconut or almond milk (sometimes oatmilk) and they are not only not worse, but taste much better than cow milk.

I don’t eat yoghurt because when I was a teenager and wanted to lose weight I started to eat yoghurts every day instead of dinner (now I know how stupid I was) and I did that for about 9 months so now I’m disgusted with it. Okay, when my mom puts it into the batter of her gorgeous cakes, I can eat it :D

I don’t miss cream either because they can be replaced by plant based cream, too. Well… my mom’s chicken with mushrooms and cream is not the same but this is the only food where I miss cream. And perhaps it is just because the taste brings back childhood memories.

Cottage cheese is an interesting question because in my country (Hungary) it is a very basic dairy product, we use it in both sweet and sour version, some are in love with the sugary version, put into many cakes and cookies, some like the sour version, called “kőrözött”, with many spices and spring onion. I’m not a huge fan of the latter one. I would say I miss the good old sweet version because of the cookies but I can make so many other stuff that I don’t find it a problem.

turogomboc = cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar + boiling and stuff - unhealhty but tasty

turogomboc = cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar + boiling and stuff – unhealhty but tasty

Plus here, bodybuilders find the Hungarian version of cottage cheese some kind of superfood (high in protein, low in fat) so daily suggestion is suggested for everybody who does some sports. Of course, during my fitness trainer studies I was often reminded how important it is to eat a lot of animal based protein and cottage cheese is a good form of it.

Oh yes, protein powder. Everybody can experience of the pushing of fitness advertisements: you MUST drink protein turmixes. Earlier I was totally against them but later I read and learnt about nutrition and I changed my mind in some ways. Now, I always have protein powder at home, often put it into my oatmeal or just drink it after my workouts, but they are totally plant based. Rice protein, pea or hemp seed. I have no problems with them.

But. But the cheese.

The cheese.

I miss cheese.

So, once in a while I eat cheese. On my better days I say it doesn’t matter because in 80% of my meals I eat healthy food plus I don’t experience any (short term) side effects of eating some cheese but on typical nothing-goes-well days I start to think I should be stronger, I should push myself harder. And whenever I find posts about the healthiness of being dairyfree, I find myself sad and weak. For example I know – and I teach about it, too! – how much harm dairy products can cause for women and their periods – stronger cramps, PMS, cysts and other stuff Lara has written about.

I think, cow milk is worse than goat milk so when I eat animal based cheese, it’s goat cheese. Maybe I’m just naive but I think, because goat cheese is not that mainstream, animals are not that strongly pushed to produce milk so maybe they don’t get that much medicine, perhaps they are treated better and their milk is healthier.

Conclusion? No conclusion.

I know it is better to avoid dairy products, so I try to replace them with plant based food whenever I can but I don’t go crazy if I really one some. Once in a while it’s okay, I guess. I think, stress that we can make ourself with telling what rules we MUST follow, what we MUST do or avoid, creates more harm than 2 slices of cheese once a month (as long as there’s no allergy or intolerance towards it).

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