Very first

This is the post where I should introduce myself, isn’t it?

Well, I’m a girl who has big dreams. Okay, not THAT big, but at least I have dreams that changed into goals a few months ago. I started to spare money for my education. Hopefully, in a while I will be a holistic nutritionist and health coach. I know that this is path. I have been working with people for a while and this is the way that would suit for me the best.

I have been working as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. It was the beginning, then I started to teach Aviva method which is a set of exercises that can cure many female problems (PMS, PCOS, fibroids, infertility, side effects of menopause, etc). Because of this method I started to deal with more ill people so diet got different approach. As a personal trainer I provided diet plans mostly for weight loss, sometimes for muscle gain but these women needed some guidance to support their health with diet. I read a lot, I consulted many people and a long ago I realised that the holistic approach is the only perfect solution. Now, I want to do it professionally. I want to take part in courses that help me become a holistic nutritionist. I would also like to study at the “healing diets” online course and get the certification. I have big plans.

While I have big plans, I’m just an average human being. This year hasn’t been the best for me, I’m totally overworked, my full time job kills me. I spend more time (well, and money) on alternative therapies (acupuncture, reflexology, Bach flower remedies – which I want to learn, too) than with my friends and family. So this is the time I made the dicision to make my part time job (PT, Pilates instructor) full time. Now, I’m trying to work more with diet plans, because it makes me happy, I can go creative with the meal plans. I love making plans. Workout, meal, any kind of plans :)

My past, my certifications:

Pilates instructor, core training instructor, group fitness instructor, prenatal and postnatal trainer, Aviva method teacher, LoveYourBelly instructor (method for healing diastasis recti), lifestyle and sport excersise nutritionist, kinesio tape therapist.

My present:

Plus 4 kilos because of lack of exercises, too much overtime, too much stress and stress eating (yes, I suffer from the same things as my clients). Determination that I will go back to normal, good and fun workouts and following a good diet.

My future:

I picture myself as an almost full time holistic nutritionist with loads of clients and part time fitness trainer to help people be healthy and at their ideal weight.


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